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pro-beam is a global leader for the electron beam technology with 45+ years of experience in metal processing, i.e. welding, offering contract manufacturing, systems and services.

About us

The pro-beam Group is a global leader for the electron beam technology. pro-beam provides services and systems for the welding, hardening, micro-drilling, and coating of surfaces. Customers from over 40 countries have been trusting pro-beam solutions for over 45 years.

The global company is represented by five locations in Germany, China and US with more than 430 employees.

The headquarter is based in Munich, Germany.

pro-beam GmbH & Co. KGaA
Zeppelinstr. 26
82205 Gilching

Phone: +49 89 8992330

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Tiffany Xu
GM Assistant
Phone: +86 512 68783270117
pro-beam Electron Beam Technology Suzhou Co., Ltd
22 Zhongfeng Street, Suzhou New District (SND)

Phone: +86(512)6878 3270

Products and Services

As an electron beam specialist, pro-beam offers contract manufacturing from individual components to series production as well as plant engineering and services for industries including aerospace, automotive, engineering, medical engineering and science.

Our services and systems guarantee secure and reliable connections as well as durable products.Advantages of our EB welding process include easy automation, flexibility, high efficiency, maximum precision and high welding speed.

K 2 welding system

This system requires less space thanks to its small footprint. In addition, relocation of equipment is easy, as all elements are mounted on one frame. This helps to facilitate transport and installation.

The standard equipment comes with a turning device for the processing of small, medium and large cylindrical components. The system is also available with an optional gate shuttle system for loading and unloading of components during production to increase productivity and availability.

K 640 welding system

It can be operated using any external pro-beam electron beam generator and is available with turning/swiveling/lifting equipment that ensures the precise seating of workpieces (<30 µm). The optionally available gate shuttle system allows evacuation as well as loading and unloading while the process is running, which increases productivity and availability.

K 40 welding system

The wire feeder equipment allows welding with additional material and the development of 3D printing applications. The system is optionally available with turning/swiveling/lifting equipment.

The K 40 welding system can be operated with any external pro-beam electron beam generator. The optional equipment with a gate shuttle system allows evacuation as well as loading and unloading while the process is running to further increase productivity and availability.

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News & Innovations

Efficient drilling with electron beam technology

In addition to welding, the pro-beam portfolio also includes micro-drilling. Here, the e-beam provides both round and geometrically flexible openings.

A significant advantage of the electron beam is its ability to process all metallic materials, including titanium, as well as thermally highly stressable alloys - with a thickness of up to 6 mm. Also, the beam can be used to drill through conductive ceramics.

For micro-drilling pro-beam relies on automation, so that all process parameters can be measured and controlled completely electronically. This leads to fast, precise and reproducible perforation of workpieces and simplifies the production of large quantities.

These advantages make electron beam drilling an efficient and cost-effective technique in the production of industrial filters -screens and centrifugal discs.

Using magnetic fields for uniform heating of workpieces

Preheating of the material can be useful to ensure the easy processing of metal components, e.g. for electron beam welding or surface technology processes.

They prevent the feared overheating of sensitive areas and the formation of cracks. The portfolio of the electron beam specialist pro-beam is complemented by machines that ensure the efficient and fast heating of metal components. The company relies on the low-frequency magnetic field technology Uniform Magnetic Heating (UMH), which is used to uniformly heat the workpiece with a high penetration depth. pro-beam has optimized its smallest UMH system named S-Line. It is more compact and offers a modular design with optional upgrades.

The heating of workpieces is now possible in parallel to loading and unloading. One of the further advantages for customers: Thanks to the high efficacy, less energy is consumed. And material usage is also optimized, leading to additional cost savings.

Electron beam welding for automotive and e-mobility
Short cycle times, a high level of automation and a low rejection rate are key parameters in the automotive industry. Electron beam technology offers the perfect prerequisites for welding conductive metals such as copper and nickel or lightweight metals such as aluminum and aluminum alloys with very narrow seams or for hardening components.

The electron beam is also an efficient and economical tool for precise welding of filigree copper hairpins such as those used in electric drives. Electron beam technology offers manufacturers easy automation, comprehensive monitoring of all process parameters and high design freedom for the production of vehicle components such as chassis, drive trains, transmissions and engines.

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